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Nail art isn't always necessary to draw attention; sometimes, a simple coat of paint is all you need to get a stunning manicure. Isn't it hard to believe that these nail polish hues will chip so quickly? If you want to keep your new nail paint from cracking and peeling, I've got some tips for you today. If you've ever endured the agony of meticulously painting your nails only to have them chip in the blink of an eye, you'll want to read on!

Avoid these actions to keep your nail polish smooth

  • Please, if you want your nail polish to stay smooth and not break, REMOVE
  • Simply roll your nail paint bottle between your palms instead of shaking it, and you'll get the same results. When you apply the product, air bubbles are more likely to form if you shake the bottle.
  • Immediately after painting your nails, take a shower to remove the polish. When you soak your hands in hot water, your nail beds expand, causing the polish to travel with them. When your nails return to their original size, this generates cracks and might cause your lacquer to chip. After taking a shower, wait a few minutes before painting your nails.
  • Nail polish will not dry correctly if you apply it in heavy layers. Using thinner coats and allowing more time between each coat to dry will result in a shorter time between applications, whereas the contrary is true.
  • Using too much force when washing your hands might cause damage to your nails and cause discomfort to your manicured nails.
  • Cleaning chemicals should never come into direct touch with your skin or nails. If you're going to be doing any dishwashing, make sure to put on gloves beforehand.

Always Use The Right Basecoat And Topcoat

  • Base and topcoat are time-consuming, but they are essential procedures that should not be overlooked. To ensure a long-lasting manicure, apply a base coat and a top coat. Your manicure will last longer and look better if you use a gripping, firm basecoat. The basecoat acts as a primer for the other layers, and the topcoat locks everything in place. Every two to three days, I recommend reapplying your topcoat to ensure the longevity of your manicure. In order to get the most out of your manicure, look for a product that is chip-resistant, protects your nails, and strengthens them at the same time.
  • If you visit a reputable nail salon, you may ask the skilled nail technicians there about the brands of base and top coats they use.

Deal with Chips as soon as possible

  • Have you ever seen a chipped nail, rolled your eyes, and become upset, only to completely disregard it? Yes, I'm in the same boat. It's best to take care of chips as soon as they appear, since doing so will assist to keep your manicure looking its best for longer. If you wait too long to use the chip, you run the risk of peeling and picking your nails to death. A chip that is repaired will not spread or worsen on its own.
  • If you don't know how to mend the chip correctly, it's a good idea to make an appointment with a local nail salon.

Nail Expertise Is Best Left To The Professionals

  • It is stated that nail designs are not just about the latest aesthetic trends, but they are a piece of art in their own right. It's best to leave the nail art to the professionals. Although salon manicures aren't inexpensive, I think they're worth it because of the great results you may get. Attending regular manicures at high-quality nail salons in your area will help your manicure last longer and prevent peeling nail polish. Your nails will always look their best if you follow a thorough manicure program!
  • I'd love to share my beauty tips and tricks with you. Stay positive and healthy by reading my blog!
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